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MSL Newsletter

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Board-Certified MSL (BC-MSLcert) Testimonials

Emily Glogowski
BC-MSLcert, MSc
MSL Sanofi, USA

" gives you the advantage and confidence you need to skillfully navigate the process.  Since there were 100-150 other applicants for my MSL position, every advantage was necessary."

Jeffrey Mosensen 
BC-MSLcert, PhD 
MSL Leo Pharma, USA

"...getting an MSL job does take a lot of work and must come from you to get it done. However, the FSTP course gives you all the tools to succeed."

Nicole Rawnsley 
MSLcert, PharmD 
Senior MSL Ortho, USA

"...After completing the course, I truly felt knowledgeable on the skill sets necessary to be successful as an MSL. I obtained my first MSL role only a few months after starting the program"