SURVEY: How old were you when you started your first MSL job

Many aspiring MSLs are worried that they might be too young OR too old to start as an MSL. So we asked, "How old were you when you started your first MSL job?" The results show that most MSLs started their first MSL job in their 30s. However, a lot of MSLs also started their first role in their 20s and also in their 40s. Some were even in their 50s.So, don't be afraid to start your MSL career late(r) in life.

We captured below some of the best comments you shared with me and the group when it comes to the impact of age when breaking into an MSL role. Feel free to comment if I missed anything.

  1. I strongly believed that age does not play a significant role in the MSL aselection process. I often tell “older” aspiring MSLs that their “seniority” could be a strength.
  2. I started as an MSL in my 20s, I felt that it was difficult being taken seriously by KOLs and by my colleagues internally.
  3. Older MSLs are usually perceived as having more maturity and experience.
  4. A lot of the top KOLs and professors are themselves in their 50s and 60s and might see an “older” MSL more like a peer.  
  5. I don’t think age matter. It’s all about how good you are at your job.
  6. As a hiring manager, I do not take age into consideration. I am more interested in how knowledgeable and upskilled the candidate is about the MSL job and the disease. I am also looking at your communication, clinical paper presentation skills and your motivation.
  7. Don’t use you age as an excuse. In my experience, lack of preparation is main reason why people fail to break in.
  8. Most aspiring MSLs are not selected to an interview because of “bad” CV, and CV should not mentioned your age. Make sure your CV is relevant to the MSL role and it is not just a summary of your past work experience.
  9. Public speaking, disease upskilling and soft skills are more important than your age.
  10. Selection based on age is illegal. Have a look at the age discrimination on the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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