MSL in-field excellence

An MSL has to be agile in the field and always deliver a top-performance. Especially when your MSL manager/director is out in the field with you. Here are some topics to focus on when you are out in the field alone or with your boss:

  • Have good rapport with the KOL and listen to the KOL.
    • The KOL should be doing 80-90% of the talking (this happens when you ask the right questions)
  • Be an SEM (subject matter expert).
    • Know your drug/company’s clinical (trial) data inside out, in addition to the SOC (standard of care), guidelines and competitor data. 
  • Have a clear meeting objective
    • Have a list of in-field insight questions (in your head/notepad) that you need to obtain answers to for the internal (medical) stakeholders
  • Generate call-back opportunities
    • This could be follow up papers, follow up on drug safety event, literature search, IIS discussion, clinical trial read out, speaker tour, adboard involvement etc.
  • Always “ do the right thing”
    • Compliance is essential as an MSL and you have to be compliant with your country’s and company’s code of conduct/ethics. Make sure you regularly review the code of conduct/ethics to keep it fresh. And deal with off-label situations appropriately 

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