12 tips to prepare for your first KOL meeting

You have just started as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) and wonder, "How can I prepare for my upcoming KOL meeting?".

Below are 12 tips on how to prepare for your first KOL meeting:

  1. Review CRM (customer relation management) database for notes of previous (MSL) interactions
  2. Explore if the company has previously engaged this KOL in adboards (get the notes), clinical trials, author on company publications, IIS, sponsorships, speaker tours, educational topics, preceptorships etc.
  3. Browse the hospital departmental website to understand the department’s focus, their colleagues focus, who is the head of the department and subspeciality etc.
  4. Is the KOL on the current (or past) board of clinical societies or clinical trial groups or clinical societies?
  5. Is the KOL a clinical trialist on your trial or the competitors’ trials?
  6. Has the KOL been involved in (inter)national guideline development?
  7. Check Youtube if the KOL has presented on clinical trial readout or posted disease relevant videos.
  8. You can also check twitter as a lot of KOLs talk about their clinical views
  9. Pubmed search on publications and gauge what kind of interest/focus the KOL has (hard data, economic modelling, patient quality of life etc.)
  10. Google search for any media involvement or lay-audience content writing
  11. Grant applications/awards the KOL has recently received
  12. Ask your (senior) colleagues - medical and commercial - for any input

With this information at hand you can write an engaging introduction email to hit the right spot to increase your chances to meet with the KOL.

Please add in the comments if you do something else as part of your preparation.

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