Top 6 tips on how to work with recruiters to land your 1st MSL role

Working with recruiters is all about building relationships, so making a first good impression is critical. Each recruiters have different relationships with different companies. Therefore, the more recruiters you connect with the more MSL roles you will be able to apply to.

Here are 6 tips on how to work best with recruiters:

1) Make a good impression from the get-go – First impression is critical! Be on time, be courteous, be interested in the jobs they have and be thankful for their time. 

2) Build relationships and rapport with the recruiters – Remember they will represent you.

3) Provide them with an up-to-date “MSL-ready” CV/resume so they can match you with the right jobs and companies. Make sure you know the TA (therapeutic area) upfront AND adapt your CV to the TA.

4) Have an updated LinkedIn profile that is consistent with your CV/resume and shows your MSL readiness.

5) Leverage the recruiter's expertise – Get as much info as possible on the interview process, TA/product and the interviewers' names (so you can look the up on LinkedIn and know their professional background).

6) Keep in regular contact with your recruiters. It’s a long-term relationship.

Working with recruiters is a powerful way to land your first MSL job. Like the MSL role, it’s all about relationships and rapport building. So start now!

Good luck.


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