SURVEY: Would you provide your current salary in an MSL interview?

Thank you to those who voted. Almost 44% would share their current salary.
Below we captured some of the best comments from recruiters, hiring managers and MSLs on how best to handle this difficult question and maximize your salary negotiation. Feel free to comment if we missed anything.

  • Answer a question with a question.
    1. "Before I can answer could you please tell me more about (the position and) the expected salary range or bracket?"
  • After HR revealed the salary bracket.
    1. You could ask, “what criteria does the company use to decide on the lower, mid or higher salary within the bracket?”
  • Be factual and use actual salary data.
    1. I would say “based on salary survey data, discussions with colleagues and recruiters I have been told that the average salary for this role would be UP TO $xxxx. (You should anchor it high, by not mentioning the lower bracket!!!).  -> The risk here is that they could have offered even more, so make sure you check the bracket with current MSLs and recruiters so it is factual!
  • Take the lead
    1. “Salary is not the only reason for considering this position, but it does have an impact and I don't want to waste your time. Currently I would consider a career move when the salary is above $XXXX base salary. Does that fit within your budgeted salary range for this role?”
      1. This approach is best, if you still have a job that you can go back to and have leverage.
    2. Sometimes it is good to go into these interviews anyways (even when the salary might be lower) and once they have found the right candidate, they are able to find the money somewhere.
  • “Sorry I am not allowed to reveal my current salary.”
    1. As per my company rules, I am “contractually" not allowed to divulge this information.
  • Salary range versus hire-in range
    1. Job seekers oftentimes have no idea what goes into the calculation of the salary range, what the employer is dealing with when it comes to "internal equity" etc. Perhaps a better answer than asking what the employers salary range is, is to ask, "What is the hire-in range?" There is definitely a difference between a salary range and a hire-in range. Depending upon the job market, the hire-in range could actually be above the salary range.

Keep in mind Salary Package is more than just base salary. There are a lot of other aspect of the contract that can be negotiated, such as bonus, car allowance, company car, health insurance, holidays etc…But he, some say, cash is king!

What do you think and how have you negotiated your salary?


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