SURVEY: How did you land your first MSL role?

 “How did you land your first MSL role? Poll is closed. N=379. The results are out.
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Here are the results:

  • Internal referral 39%;
  • Directly via job ads: 36%;
  • External recruiter: 16%;
  • I was headhunted 9%

Thank you to those who voted. We captured below some of the best tips and advice you shared with us when it comes to landing your first MSL role. Feel free to comment if we missed anything.

  • It’s all about being proactive. Don’t wait to be contacted or headhunted. As an aspiring MSL one has to go out and proactively find the job. Go get that job!😉.
  • In our experience, 75% of people applied themselves or used their own (LinkedIn) network to get referred for an MSL job.
  • Writing a great and strong MSL cv to get picked out of the big pile of MSL candidates applying to the same MSL job ad is a must. And make sure you are in the first wave of applicants, not CV number 134!
  • When you are having a “chat” with an MSL, hiring manager, HR or an external recruiter, treat it as a potential interview, e.g. come well dressed, fully prepared, make sure your LinkedIn profile is MSL ready and you have prepared on your interview questions about yourself, the role and the company.
  • I applied and landed my first MSL role by applying to an MSL role through the MSL and medical affairs LinkedIn group.
  • Before reaching out to recruiters or applying to an MSL job, make sure you know everything about the MSL role and you are interview read!

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