SURVEY: To note or not to note as an MSL

We did a survey if it is ok to take (extensive) notes when you are talking with a KOL. The results are very clear!! 95% of you think it is OK. We captured below some of the best practices you shared with the group when it comes to taking notes in front of KOLs. Feel free to comment if we missed anything.

💡 1-   Yes but first ask your KOL if he/she is OK “Is it ok if I make a quick not of this?”

💡 2 – Yes but be inconspicuous - a small note pad (A6 or A7) so not to be distracting. Jot down just a few words, to remember things, don’t write verbatim text what the doctor said. Ipad, laptops and A4 notepads are a no go.

💡 3 – Yes, but sparingly. Not so many, that the personal engagement becomes secondary. Just enough to stimulate the right neurons after you leave.
💡 4. At the end of the meeting ("closing"), refer to your notes to verbally summarize the key action for you to follow up on. It also shows your KOLs that your note taking served a purpose.
💡 5. After your call, sit down for 10-15 minutes to write down everything from the meeting while it is still fresh in your memory.  

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