Managing Key Opinion Leader (KOL) expectations

Managing expectations with KOLs is really important.

Yes you want to make sure you are of value, and be able to bring the right opportunities to your KOL. But nothing is worse than to commit to something and not being able to deliver on your promises. With whatever I do, I always tell the KOL:

"... It is not going to be easy, but I can promise you I will do my utmost best to work on this/ represent you to the global team/get you noticed with the global clinical trial team for this trial... However, as you can hopefully understand, I can not promise you it will actually happen."

All KOLs are fine with that. They don't want empty promises, they want someone that works hard on their behalf, but they do understand that it might not work out. Always keep this mantra in mind:

"...under promise and over deliver..." and you will do just fine as an MSL.

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