SURVEY: How can you increase your changes of breaking into an MSL role.

We asked you how you think you can increase your changes of breaking into an MSL role and the data is pretty clear (n=461). 47% say, “just apply”, 33% say start “working as a CRA or Med Info”, only 15% say “do a postdoc” and 5% of you think “doing an MBA” will help.

We fully agree with these outcomes. If you “just apply”, make sure you are fully knowledgeable o the MSL role and not just apply because you can. A postdoc is only helpful, to pay for the bills after your finished your PhD. It is a short-term fix. That’s it!! An MBA is helpful to climb the corporate ladder, when you are already an MSL (2-3 years into the job).

Below a quick overview of some comments from you:

1)    “A lot people that land their first MSL role are freshly graduated with no work experience and definitely no MBA.”

2)    “Timing, connections (with MSLs and MSL Hiring Managers) and experience are some of the more helpful pieces to getting an MSL role.”

3)    “I believe that aspiring MSLs need to upskill on what matter to the MSL role and MBA, post-doc, CRA or Med info is not particularly useful.”

4)    “All are probably not required as I've had some interviews for the msl role, but it definitely doesn't hurt to get additional experience as a CRA or MedInfo.”

5)    “I completed a post doc pharmacy residency, have an MBA and am now in a med info role and have found that most places I have applied to recently are most interested in prior MSL experience and preexisting relationships with TLs/KOLS.”  

For those interested in learning more, you can test your MSL interview readiness here This exam will test your answers to MSL interview questions and test your MSL/medical general knowledge level that you need to be able to successfully go through the MSL interview rounds.


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