Use your postdoc grand/fellowship money to get MSL career ready

Postdocs are very committed to their research projects (I have been one). It is not with surprise that I hear that some postdocs are working AND keep on working knowing that their fellowship or grant money is running out very, very soon. Some even work without receiving ANY salary, just to finish the last experiment, in the hope that the next fellowship or grant round coming in a few months will give them the funds they need to continue their beloved work (and of course, pay their salary, but that is secondary for quite some of you).

If you know you are soon running out of money, but still have some grant money left or personal development/training money in your budget, why don't you start preparing for your exit NOW?

Each fellowship or grand money often comes with some money for professional development or conferences. Use this money to get yourself ready for your career transition into an MSL role. 

Quickly test yourself if the MSL career is suitable for MSL you or watch our free MSL webinar to learn more about the career transition.

Or perhaps you have read most of our previous blog stories and you just KNOW the MSL career is THE career for you, that you have waited for for so long, but didn't know that it existed. If that is the case enroll in our Board-Certified MSL training program.


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