5 Tips to Stay Updated in Medical Literature for MSLs

Staying uptodate on the latest medical literature and what doctors think (write or post) is important as an MSL. Here are 5 tips for you:

  1. Track primary literature
    📖 Set up your PubMed or EMBASE alert, subscribe to key journals such as NEJM to get the latest info straight to your inbox. It is important to have a well thought through system of naming your papers to easily find them (with windows search functions). I like to have it as: last name author et al_year_title of paper_name of my product or TA it links to. Eg: Joseph et al_2023_Drug X shows increase in survival in brain cancer_compound STR5y66 in Glioma
  2. Curated social media
    🕊 Twitter: Follow KOLs in your TA. Make sure to really curate your list of KOLs you follow and keep the list manageable.
  3. Podcast and YouTube
    Podcast are a great way to upskill while you travel, commute to the office or when you exercise. I listen a lot to Oncology Today with Dr Neil Love, where he interviews top clinicians about the latest oncology data. https://tinyurl.com/yvap2jj9 or OncLive.com  
  4. Medical education websites.
    com and clinicalcareoption.com are excellent websites with many uptodate information and slidedecks to read about the latest clinical trials and developments
  5. Google Alerts
    Set up a google alert on a specific drug (name) that you like to focus to get notified on ay new articles that come out. TIP: After entering your search on google, click enter and then click on “Tools” then click on “Any time”. This way you can customized how recent you want your updates to be.

Time to share your best kept secret 😊 What resources do you use to stay on top of the medical literature? Add in the comment your top tips or share your favorite online source of medical knowledge.


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