SURVEY: As an MSL, how often do you have to be in the office? N=409

This is the largest MSL survey to assess the work location flexibility of MSLs with over 400 answers across the globe, where we "As an MSL, how often do you have to be in the office?"

We know the MSL is an in-field/KOL facing role. However, a number of companies asks their MSLs to work from the office if they are not meeting with KOLs. The result show that more than half of the MSL surveyed are never in the office and are working 100% remotely.

We are big advocates of the Work-From-Anywhere mentality, and it is even more relevant for MSLs who are expected to "engage" with KOLs as their primary function.

However, I am wondering if being "physically" away from the office could be detrimental for the MSL career progression. Out of sight is out of heart might be the same for the MSL, if they don't see you they don't know (enough) about you and what great work you are doing. Hopping into the office for certain (brand) team meetings and catching up with people over a tea/coffee/lunch asking about their work and how you can help them OR provide on the spot answers to your questions, makes them keep you front of mind.

 We love to hear your views on this topic. please add in comments. ✍

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