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Selection of companies where our FSTP candidates are now working as MSLs

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Testimonials: read what our students have said on LinkedIn about our MSL course

Jeffrey Mosensen, PhD MS
MSL Dermatology, Valeant Pharmaceuticals
"Before I signed up with FSTP, I was a postdoctoral fellow with no industry experience. The role of an MSL sounded exciting and fit with my interests, but I didn’t fully grasp what the job was. I also got discouraged early on after reading about the requirements to have industry experience, or an M.D./Pharm.D degree. The FSTP course quickly got me up to speed with understanding the role of an MSL, drug life-cycle, internal stakeholders, KOLs, and other aspects of pharma industry. Importantly, FSTP helped me to get my resume industry ready, and to prepare for the interview process. The MSL academy was crucial to help me learn about common interview questions, and how to prepare a proper MSL presentation. Each step of the way, Martijn and his team were helpful in getting me prepared, and were in contact with me to see how I did. As an added bonus, everyone I interviewed with asked me about the course, and were impressed by my knowledge and commitment to go the extra mile. I believe listing this course on my resume helped me get noticed early on. Getting an MSL job does take a lot of work, and must come from you to get it done. However, the FSTP course gives you all the tools to succeed."
Chithra Subramani, PhD
MSL Hematology, Jazz Pharmaceuticals
"I am super excited to have managed to get my first MSL job working in the therapeutic area I really wanted – Hemato-Oncology at an international US Company. Thank you FSTP for making this a possibility! Purchasing the online FSTP MSL training in addition to signing up for the one-on-one coaching was the best investment I have ever made. It helped me build on my PhD expertise and how to make best use of skills relevant to MSL. From the time I started the FSTP MSL training course and signing the contract was less than 1.5 months. Can’t wait get started! Thank you so much FSTP!”"
Biliana Veleva-Rotse, PhD
MSL Neuroscience, Novartis
"Martijn is knowledgeable, approachable, and very helpful in coaching scientists transitioning to industry. He advised me every step of the way on my journey from academia to getting my first MSL job. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking to learn more about the MSL role. Thanks Martijn!"
Steven Cordeiro Matos, PhD
MSL Neuroscience, Purdue Pharma
"After a few years in academia, I came to the realization that basic research was not for me. Instead, I discovered that the MSL role was where I belonged because it would allow me to pursue my fascination for science and medicine, as well as my interest in improving healthcare. from SCIENCE to PHARMA was a valuable tool that helped me reach my goal of becoming an MSL. Martijn's e-training platform doesn't just provide a comprehensive course to help job seekers understand the pharma industry, it also provides you with an opportunity to discuss with Martijn and his team of experienced MSLs. Martijn was always very approachable and always willing to offer valuable insights into the pharma world based on his previous experiences! This course is a great first step for anyone, especially those looking to make the transition from academia to pharma. On a side note, I am proud to be FromScienceToPharma's first Canadian placed in an MSL role!"
Neil Davies, PhD
MSL Immuno-Oncology, MSD/Merck&Co
"Martijn and FSTP were instrumental in me attaining a Medical Science Liaison position. I had already worked in Pharma (in Clinical Research) for a number of years, but would have struggled without Martijn’s advice in so many things such as tailoring my CV to the MSL position, and how best to respond to particular MSL interview questions. And through it all, just as important was Martijn’s encouragement which gave me the confidence to believe I would get there. Thanks Martijn and FSTP!"
Pascale Mustapha, Ph.D MBA
Regional MSL at Amgen,
"Martijn is an experienced scientist and a dedicated, open and very kind person. He helped me leverage and emphasize my scientific expertise to break into an MSL position without having any prior experience in the field and in a country where MDs are the norm for MSLs positions. He encouraged me and gave me a lot of useful tips to win my assessment and gain confidence! It was a real pleasure to meet him and I’m very thankful :) I’m also very admirative of his initiative to create “from science to pharma” I think that PhDs are not at all assessed on their true added value especially in France; employers in pharma are usually hesitant towards their candidatures! That’s why the argumentation and convincing can be sometimes tough! I definitively recommend him!"
Ayman Sabra, PhD MSc
MSL Vaccines, Pfizer
"Not only Martijn is very knowledgeable, he is also an excellent tutor, a great guy and is always available. I am deeply thankful for the training he offered me. He gave me advice on making my CV better and my LinkedIn profile more attractive. I was also provided with useful interview preparation tips. More importantly, the information detailed in his courses is very valuable and showing what I have learned during my interviews left a very good impression on the recruiters. Because of this training, I got my first MSL job straight out of my postdoc and without previous industry experience. I highly recommend it to anyone willing to learn about the MSL role."
Kevin Knower, PhD
MSL oncology, Astellas
"from SCIENCE to PHARMA was a perfecting training platform that allowed me to identify my academia skills that could be utilised in the MSL role. Martijn provided a fantastic insight into all facets of the MSL role and how it is integrated into the development and lifespan of a drug. Following the training I was introduced to a number of potential recruiters that opened up job opportunities. I highly recommend this course a first point of call for those looking to move to industry."
Laetitia Cicchelero
MSL Novartis
"The FSTP-team was always available when I needed assistance and it’s been heart-warming to feel the coaches’ genuine excitement when their candidates do well. I started the FSTP course in Mid-April. This course gave me a thorough understanding of what the main tasks of an MSL are in theory as well as in practice. I was so impressed by the wealth of information on the training site on what the MSL job entails and how you should approach MSL vacancies, that I signed up for the personal coaching as well. My coach really took the time to get to know me and find out how to emphasize certain aspects of me that matter for the MSL role which I didn’t think of. For the clinical paper presentation round he gave me very practical advice on how to proceed and discussed this thoroughly until I felt fully prepared for it. And it worked: I started my first MSL position in July!"
Lien Lam, PhD
MSL Cardiovascular, AstraZeneca
"The ‘from Science to MSL’ course is essential for anyone who is considering the transition into the MSL role from an academic background. The course covers important information pertaining not only to the MSL role itself, but also the pipelines within the pharmaceutical industry. Important discussion points include how you can increase your chance of standing out in the recruitment process and how to prepare for the different interview stages.

As someone who had been thinking about making this transition for a long time, this course provided a strong knowledge base for me to build on. Beyond the course itself, there is work required on your end to move forward - but with Martijn’s guidance and encouragement you will not feel lost. Martijn is dedicated in helping you break into pharma and is generous with his time in discussing how to best get you there. This course and the mentorship by Martijn has been key in securing my MSL role. Best career decision I have made and I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the MSL role."

Egle Passante, PhD MPharm
MSL at Sanofi Genzyme
The “from SCIENCE to PHARMA” MSL course was a fundamental tool during my journey to secure my first MSL role. Starting from an academic background, this course equipped me with all the necessary tools to perform during the interview and made me think like an MSL. And…this was not all.... Along with the course, I received one-on-one coaching that was crucial to fully understand how to improve myself. Martijn can transmit passion and helps filling in the gaps between your background and what is needed to break into the MSL role. He is very personable and it is simply a pleasure talking to him and receiving his feedback and his advice.I strongly recommend this experience to anyone determined to break into the MSL role. Thanks FSTP for helping me secure my first MSL job!!!
Karolina Dinges (Michalczyk)
Medical Science Liaison at Vertex Pharmaceuticals
"I have completed the MSL course in July last year. This training course and follow up coaching were packed with useful information about the role and interview process. Not only have I got the job 6 month ago but I still find what I have learnt during this course very useful in everyday work. Thank you Martijn"
Mark Dessing, PhD, MSc
MSL Immuno-oncology, BMS
"Thanks to your FSTP course I was able to explore and navigate in the world of pharma and discover the responsibilities, opportunities and challenges as an MSL. I learned a lot from all the terminology and interplay between internal and external parties as discussed in the course. I always kept the advise in mind: if you want an MSL role, be an MSL"
Ashish Banerjee, PhD
MSL Oncology, Merck
"Completed the course in April 2016 and I must admit it made me realise how limited my knowledge was about the inner workings of pharma industry. I cannot speak highly enough for the course. It is comprehensive, gives you an excellent understanding of how pharma works, what’s involved in an MSL job and how to go about getting one. The delivery style is brilliant and worked for me. Martijn keeps adding new content and resources almost on a daily basis which are valuable. The fun begins once you finish the course and feel a little bit out of your depth (coming from academia). Martijn was there with me every step of the way: from writing CV to putting me in touch with people and touching base on a regular basis to check on my progress. He always found time for us to chat when I had an interview and shared tips that were priceless. There is no way I could have made a successful transition without his help and support."
Jose Miguel Sierra Miranda, PhD MSc
MSL Oncology, Amgen
"I highly recommend this training course for those who want to transition into an MSL career and that - like me - didn't know where to start. You can find all you the information you need to become an MSL on their online platform. And most important, Martijn and his team are always available to help you along the process to become an MSL."
Tracey Quinn, PhD
MSL Neuroscience, Merck
"I highly recommend the “From SCIENCE to PHARMA”; course and coaching to anyone who is thinking about moving from scientific research into a new and challenging career. This includes PhD students and early Post-Doc researchers who desire change, but who quite often feel the leap from research into another industry/profession seems exceedingly difficult, and/or they are unsure as to what else is actually out there. This course provides some fantastic insight into the pharmaceutical industry, thoroughly discussing important background information and theoretical concepts unique to pharma, as well as practical information important for job success and day-to-day function. These significant insights usually only come with previous work experience, giving this course an advantage, as “From SCIENCE to PHARMA” can not only help you decide on a new career path based on your interests, but also set you on the path to finding a great new job in the industry."
Nicolle Rekers, PhD MSc BSc
MSL Gastroenterology, Takeda
"Hi Martijn! Great news: I Will be an MSL at Takeda (IBD) from January! After a few months of working as a postdoctoral researcher, I knew that academia was not the right place for me anymore. Thanks to your course, I learned what pharmaceutical companies are Looking for, what the role of an MSL is and how to prepare for the MSL job interview. It took me 2 months of preparing to get this job.Thanks a lot for helping me to find the right direction in my career! Wish you all the best for 2018! Nicolle"
Andrea Schuessler, PhD
MSL Oncology, AstraZeneca
"I highly recommend the fStP MSL training to anyone wanting to transition from academia to industry! The webinar contains a lot of useful information about the MSL role and how to prepare an “industry-ready” CV and LinkedIn profile. But Martijn’s support goes way beyond that, he shares his network and provides ongoing advice which has been an invaluable resource for me at all stages of the job application and interview process."
Christine S. Schwaiger, PhD
MSL Immuno-Oncology, AstraZeneca
"Martijn is an experienced scientist and a dedicated, open and very kind person always giving genuine advice and guidance throughout the entire process to develop into a MSL. I recently have finished his "from Science to MSL" course which helped me a lot to emphasize my scientific background combined with pharmaceutical experience in early research and development. I'm very thankful that I have met him :) and all the upcoming possibilities in pharmaceutics"
Athin Sujeer, PhD MS
MSL iNova Pharmaceuticals
"from Science to Pharma is a perfect training platform for moving from science to MSL. Martijn’s training program gives you insights into MSL's key attributes, MSL job functions, practical tips on CV format, possible interview questions and strategies for effective interview responses. I felt very confident to handle phone, first round interview and clinical paper presentations. Martijn is a very patient trainer and he provides guidance and support pre and post interview. I would recommend this training course to anyone who is in the process of breaking into their first role as an MSL role."
Andree Hubber, PhD
MSL anesthesia, MSD
"from SCIENCE to PHARMA really helped me to define my value proposition and played a valuable role in my (successful) MSL job hunt. It takes courage to make the transition from academia to industry, but this is not enough. I can't emphasise enough how important it is to adequately prepare for the interview process and your life away from the bench. SCIENCE's insights into MSL's key attributes and MSL job functions were both insightful and useful. Practical tips on my CV format, possible interview questions and strategies for effective interview responses were of particular value. Are you prepared to answer questions such as what do your colleagues think is your biggest weakness? What might worry a Director of Medical Affairs?"
Juliana Lamoury, PhD
MSL, Eli Lilly
"The training course offered by “from Science to PHARMA” is a fantastic resource. It is very unique, as it provides a wealth of information needed to succeed in the pharmaceutical industry. Martijn could always be counted on to deliver exceptional support and guidance throughout the entire process. I found his enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication both inspiring and motivating. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the MSL role"
Kim Cheng, PhD
MSL Respiratory, Boehringer-Ingelheim
"I completed the MSL training course by Martijn recently and I can only have praise for the level of detail and knowledge imparted by Martijn. Even prior to this course, Martijn had helped me gain an understanding of an MSL position. I have read books regarding MSL positions and "how to get an MSL position" but it didn't provide the personal knowledge and anywhere near the level of detail that the MSL course provides. Martijn has helped me get a better understanding of my own personal skillset and where I can improve on, something I believe will be immensely useful regardless of the career path I choose."
Robert Jukic
MSL Allergan
"FSTP were fantastic during the preparation for my interviews. I was given fantastic insights into the role of an MSL and what I should expect at each interview stage. Thank you FSTP team!"
Naseem Ali, PhD
Clinical Research Associate
"As someone looking for a foot into the pharma industry, I attended Martijn's course and was extremely satisfied with the content of the course. Despite having done a fair amount of research into the MSL position, the course far exceeded my expectations. Martijn covers the MSL position from many directions while providing a thorough description of what the position entails. He also does a great job of describing what it takes to get an industry role, from resume/linkedin tips to interview preparation material. All the while, he was very receptive to questions and actively encouraged participation. I would recommend the course as must do if you are serious about landing a MSL position from academia."
Sheng Le, MD
PhD student
"I have just attended Dr Bijker's from Science to MSL webinar training session. The course was very informative, comprehensive and beneficial. It was carefully tailored to people who have strong academic background and are willing to explore their potentials in pharmatheutical industry, particularly, in pursuing a career of MSL. The course starts from general introduction of MSL role, covers almost all aspects about MSL, and ends with very practical tactics on CV optimising and interview tricks. Not only that I learned more about this job, but also I learned where I should make my effort to. Most importantly, the training was delivered in an interactive and well-structured way by Dr.Bijker. Definitely not the dry lectures that would put you off. What I like the most is the genuine information and real-life examples and experiences shared by Dr.Bijker, Comparing to general information you can get from website browsing, for example from MSL society, this training course is much more focused and practical. I highly recommend this training course to anyone who is interested in pursuing an exciting MSL career."
Azadeh Seidi, PhD
"I recently took the "Science to Pharma" course by Martijn, and it gave me a very good idea of what MSLs do, who they interact with on day to day basis, and how they are different from sales people. In addition, he gave us an overview of how pharma works, what the product life cycle of a drug looks like, and what the role of an MSL in this life cycle is. It was very useful to get lots of detailed information, and be able to ask questions during the course. I had spoken with Martijn on the phone before taking the course, and he was very generous with his time in explaining about the MSL role, which I appreciated. It was a comprehensive and informative course, which I recommend to anyone who is interested in knowing more about the MSL role."
Aslihan Turhan
Visiting scientist Harvard
"I have attended Martijn's MSL training session a week ago and I cannot say enough about the training and coaching he provides. Martjin makes every effort to engage you in the training and brings up the most important and critical points, especially an aspiring MSL, has to know. He is there for you at every step of your endeavour of becoming an MSL, giving guidance about sensitive points preparing you to become a successful candidate. You will definitely have an increased level of confidence after attending Martjin's MSL training session"
Ramakumar Tummala, PhD
"I have recently attended the MSL Training offered By Martijn. It was very informative. The material was presented in a thorough manner. The session began with his own career transition to MSL. The training was very interactive and the insight that was provided by Martijn with examples was high illuminating. The role of MSL in pharma was provided in great detail. The methodologies for identifying KOL and establishing relationships were also discussed in depth. Product life cycle of a drug and the involvement of MSL was also deliberated at length. Further it was very nice that he gave his own examples of travel schedule with different scenarios was very helpful. The advice regarding the CV preparation, Interview was very useful. Overall the training provided by Martijn is very thorough and this detail of information cannot be obtained anywhere else and I strongly recommend his training for anyone planning to foray into the role of MSL"
Salil Sharma
"I recently completed the MSL training course by Martijn. It was a very useful learning experience as Martijn delivered the course material in great detail and with substantial knowledge. It also helped me understand the role of MSL adequately. Martijn gave a very expert perspective of the MSL role, helped me modify my CV to better reflect my skillsets for this role, and provided tips to prepare for the interviews. His communication skill is excellent. He was very patient throughout the course and was very responsive of all the questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am positive that this course will definitely help me in my search for MSL opportunities"
Charles Mercado
Clinical Study Researcher
"I have completed the MSL training course conducted by Martijn, and the course was extensive and comprehensive covering the important details that are typically asked in an MSL interview. I am currently in the process of transitioning into the MSL role and Martijn has been a very patient mentor. The training and discussions I had with him have definitely made me more confident in tackling many topics during the interviews. I would recommend this training course to everyone who is in the process of breaking into their first role as an MSL or anyone interested to transition into the medical affairs"
Kunj Pathak, PHD
Application scientist
"I have recently taken the “from SCIENCE to MSL”; course taught by Martijn Bijker (from SCIENCE to PHARMA) and I can highly recommend it if you are - like me - wanting to move from SCIENCE to MSL. It was a very comprehensive course given by an experienced MSL. The course provided a great insider look of what a MSL job is like with very practical examples. It not only taught me what I needed to know about the MSL job, but also about how pharma works and how to handle the difficult (phone) interview questions. I had a phone interview 2 days later and felt with this course that I was able to optimally prepare for it. No doubt this course was value for money."
Michael Papadimitrious
PhD student
"I recently completed The From Science To MSL training course designed to prepare me for a MSL position. I found the course to be extremely valuable in explaining the role of an MSL, and in particular the day to day tasks of an MSL. With Martijn’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry, I found his inside knowledge of how to attain pharmaceutical industry positions (not just MSL positions) to be of great use. I will definitely be using his advice in the near future. Overall, I would highly recommend this course (or any other course) for people who wish to be employed in the pharmaceutical industry."
Rency Tesy Mathew, PhD
"I had taken Martijn’s MSL training course in October. Prior to attending the course, I had read online about the role played by a MSL but none of those sources gave me a clear picture about the duties and responsibilities involved in the job. Martijn’ training course covers all the aspects of the job which include the day to day tasks involved which give a perspective on what it is to be a MSL. At the end of the course, Martijn gives tips on modifying your CV to get the attention of MSL hiring recruiters and on how to prepare for the interview. Overall, I highly recommend the MSL training course provided by Martijn for anyone who wants to know what it is like to be a MSL and transition from academia to pharma industry."
Ahmad M.N. Alhendi, PhD
"I have recently finished the course “from Science to MSL”; presented by Dr. Martijn Bijker. During the course, I have learned a lot about the MSL role from Dr. Bijker and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to break into an MSL role. Martijn taught me during the course the main aspects of becoming an MSL, the skills to have, and the duties and work procedures of an MSL. He also helped me to fine tune my resume according to the job requirements to get the attention of the recruiters. Dr. Bijker kept in regular contact with me through emails, texts and phone calls after the course coaching me to score an interview. I did the course with him in the 30th of August 2015 and we are still in regular contact. It is totally worth the money and I have been recommending it to everyone who asks me about the course."
Qin Wen, MD PhD
"I have just attended Dr Martijn Bijker’s MSL training webinar – the extensive and comprehensive training course, which was very interactive as if you were in a real classroom and could discuss anything with him. As an experienced MSL, Martijn provided us with a great insight into the Pharmaceutical industry and the MSL role in depth, which I felt particularly benefited from, as I have no prior industrial experience. The training is just what I need to equip me with the industrial knowledge in relation to MSL’s roles, responsibilities and daily works, relationships with internal and external stakeholders and with product life cycles… I feel more knowledgeable and confident as a MSL candidate after the training. On top of this, you could also have your CV reviewed and get coaching for your interview, what more could you ask for? I highly recommend Dr Martijn’s MSL training course to anyone who is interested in a future career as MSL"
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