KOLs and MSL knowledge testing

In the industry they used to call this topic "rep-sport". With the increase in MSLs coming into the industry, they now sometimes call it "MSL-sport".

What this means is the KOL/doctor asks you (or the sales representative) a difficult question in your (first) meeting.

They of course know the answer, I mean they ARE the experts after all. They ask you this question pretending they don't know this questions and observe how you answer it.

Do you know the answer, great.! Next difficult question.

The sports starts when you DON'T know the answer.
Would you answer truthfully and say "...doctor, great questions, I don't have the answer (it might be this...), but let me do some research, check the internal resources, review the global database and get back to you with the right answer. How quickly would you like the answer?".

ORRR, do you give an answer on the spot that is wrong and move to the next topic. And trust me, I have seen this happen more often than you think. The doctor now knows not to trust you and it shouldn't surprise you that it would be really hard (=impossible) to see this KOL/doctor ever again.  

The MSLs have to be(come) a subject matter experts (SME), who need to know almost anything in a certain disease area. Of course, this takes time and especially if you just started as an MSL and this is your first meeting with a KOL, you don't know everything yet. So come in with that mindset and you can tell the doctor that you have just started and are getting up to speed. It will take some time. Keep in mind that MSLs always have to provide balanced, honest and truthful information to doctors . Period.

If you don't know something as an MSL, tell them you will do your research on this topic and get back to them. Make sure you get back to them in the time-frame that they mentioned.

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