5 common MSL interview mistakes

1 – Not fully understanding the MSL role.
The standard questions you will be asked are: “Could you describe the MSL role? How does it differ to a sales role? How do you bring value to the HCPs and to the company? Tell us about MSL compliance and ethics?”

2 - Lack of preparation. You will be expected to know everything about the company products, pipeline, therapeutic area, treatment guidelines, competitors, company mission, etc.

3 – Not showcasing the skills, competencies and knowledge relevant to the MSL role. Forget about your past, these are completely different to the one you developed as a scientist, nurse, MD or pharmacist.

4 – Missing basic communication and interviewing skills. You need to show your drive, motivation and communication skills. Be aware of your audience and body language. Keep your answers concise and to the point.

5 - Lack of professionalism. Be on time, dress appropriately, work on your intro/outro, plan your questions and follow-up after the meeting with a thank you email.

One key question that recruiters and hiring managers have in the back of their mind throughout the interview is: “Would I want this candidate to represent the company in front of the most important Key Opinion Leaders?”


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