SURVEY: How many MSL-KOLs interactions you expected to have per quarter? N=483

How many MSL-KOLs interactions you expected to have per quarter? N =483 votes.
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Here are the number of KOLs meeting expected in a quarter (as per KPI):

  • 19% of MSLs have no KOL KPIs
  • 36% have less than 50 KOL meetings per quarter
  • 35% have between 50 and 80 KOL meetings per quarter
  • 10% have more than 80 KOL meetings per quarter

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this survey. Below are some of the comments you provided on how best measure MSL performance and any advice on how to meet these KPIs.

  • Our KPIs are mostly based on the number of interactions with healthcare professionals per week. These interactions can be face to face, remote meetings or by phone. I believe the pandemic changed these dynamics and it would be interesting to see how doctors expectations changed too, in order to adapt to their needs and new reality.
  • I have 50 KOLs in my list. I am expected to meet each KOL at least twice in a quarter (100+ interactions per quarter). Additionally I may need to support other HCPs (engagement based/conferences/queries raised through commercial team colleagues)
  • It is important to have quantitative and qualitative measures to better understand the real work of MSL. The following KPIs might help in capturing the real value of MSLs.
  • Quality of the insights reported to the company would be better than quantitative metrics such as call rate: internal survey could be conducted after specific insight dissemination meetings (in brand- or medical team)
  • Medical project based KPIs: 
    •  number of publications,
    • data generation (e.g. local abstract presentation, and number of QR codes scanned of your abstract),
    • data dissemination (e.g. number of departmental presentations and the rating by the HCPs of your presentation using a QR code to be scanned),
    • clinical studies recruitment to target,
    • investigator-initiated studies executed within a certain timeframe,
    • number and quality insights gathered,
    • number of round table meetings etc.
  • MSL-KOL satisfaction: 
    Surveying KOLs with a short survey asking them to rank the MSL interaction/value (not great to excellent) on the following points: the quality of the interaction, quality use of your time, knowledge level of the MSL, and well and quickly they followed up on topics.
  • MSL-internal stakeholders’ satisfaction. 

This is often done following specific medical activities such as training of sales reps or conducting medical education. Again, a simple survey with a few questions KPI could be, score >80% of 4-5 ratings (good to excellent).

We love to hear your thoughts on the survey KPI numbers and the qual vs quant comments.


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