MSL CV radio silence - I never hear back from them. They only want experienced MSLs!

We hear this every day speaking for the first time to aspiring MSLs on the phone who have been trying to break into the MSL role for months!

"I have submitted 40 CVs/resumes and never heard back. It is true, they only want experienced MSLs!"

Sorry, but I have to be blunt and direct with you. Your CV is just not good enough!! If it was good, they would have reached out to you as there is a constant need for more MSLs as:

1. Current MSLs get promoted to more senior jobs inside medical affairs (i.e. medical advisor, medical manager) and they need to be replace.

2. Current MSLs move to other areas in the company (i.e. health economics) and they need to replace these MSLs.

3. Companies are launching more new drugs and need more MSLs.

4. Companies start the engagement with KOLs earlier in the product life cycle of a drug and require earlier.

And the pharma companies can't fill these places with MSLs that already have experience as there are just too few of them left.

They HAVE to fill them with aspiring MSLs (like yourself) wanting to break in. But they only want to hire the best of the best, as they will be sending you to the top experts in the field and they don't want to send someone that is not good enough and ruin that precious collaborative relationship with this KOL. 

Most aspiring MSLs are not used to writing CV/resumes, let alone a business CV. They come from academia PhD/postdocs or a pharmacy school/background and (their CVs) are judged on their publications, techniques and skills for those jobs. 

At uni-career days you have been told to focus on transferrable skills and add those (empty) words in your academic/pharmacy hybrid business CV/resume. Bure really, they are really just empty words without any corroboration and will not get you an interview. 

Your whole focus needs to shift from looking back on what you were good at and look forward on what is needed NOW to get you ready for the next job you want to get into (see the next blog).

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