The 4 steps of the MSL hiring Process

Step 1: The phone call with HR. This interview is to quickly assess your understanding of the MSL role and to ensure you fulfill the key job requirements.

Step 2: The technical and behavioral interview. This interview assesses your skills, competencies and knowledge that are relevant to the MSL role. It also assesses your communication skill, motivation to work for this company and the company culture fit.

Step 3: The clinical paper presentation. You will be asked to present and critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of a clinical trial. Some companies ask you to present the clinical data as if you were an MSL presenting to a group of KOLs (role-play)

Step 4: Contract negotiation. Your first MSL salary will be used as benchmark for any bonus paid out and future salary growth. Oftentimes, the company just sends you the contract with the proposed salary. There is still time and room to negotiate, come prepared with real-life MSL salary numbers based on actual salary data or insights from MSLs in the field.

Make sure to get to that interview first with a strong MSL CV.

Do you want to learn more on what it takes to break into the MSL role? Then watch our recorded webinar here


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