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Developed and hosted by MSL soft skill trainer (20+y experience)

Self-paced, all online

  • 7 comprehensive chapters with videos and resources covering the following:
  • "What are soft skills and why are they important"
  • "Maximizing Emotional Intelligence for in-field KOL interactions & KOL relationship building"
  • "The 10 communication styles and applying them for impactful KOL interactions"
  • "Communication skills for MSLs and Medical Advisors"
  • "Maximizing body language, tonality and words for optimal KOL scientific exchange"
  • "Active listening skills for generating insights and gathering important information from your KOLs
  • "Three practical active listening skills for you KOL interactions"
  • "Asking questions to build KOL relationships, to gather in-field insights and provide scientific exchange to your KOL"
  • Downloadable worksheets

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Providing MSL Soft Skills training to major pharma companies

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