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SURVEY: What was your highest degree when you started your first MSL job? N=408

It is a common question from aspiring MSL, what degree do I need to break into the MSL role.

It is interesting to see that despite Terminal D degree being the most common answer 66% with 17% having a double Terminal D degree (e.g. MD/PhD, PharmD/PhD); 25% of the MSLs surveyed had a Masters and 8% a Bachelors as...

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SURVEY: Did you negotiate your first MSL salary? N=1604

Lot's of new MSLs wonder if they should negotiate on their first MSL offer. Should you be just happy and sign, ask for a bit more and see where it gets you, of go hard on them?

Below we captured 4 top tips on how to maximize your salary negotiation. Feel free to comment if we missed anything.

  1. Be factual and use...
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SURVEY: How did you land your first MSL role?

 “How did you land your first MSL role? Poll is closed. N=379. The results are out.
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Here are the results:

  • Internal referral 39%;
  • Directly via job ads: 36%;
  • External recruiter: 16%;
  • I was headhunted 9%

Thank you to those...

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