Strategic MSL & Medical Activities

Continued Professional Development for MSLs & Medical Affairs Professionals™

Strategic MSL & Medical Activities 

Medical Activities are implemented to drive data generation & publication; provide drug access to patients; support medical education for KOLs via  scientific exchange that will drive in-field insight gathering that drives the medical plan. Mastering  Medical Activities is essential to support the medical (launch) strategy and to advance your MSL career towards a senior/executive MSL or Medical Advisor. Learn, develop and excel: continued professional development for MSLs/Medical Affairs Professionals

“By far the most comprehensive list of medical activities I have ever seen. Love the practical tips on how to best select and implement them based on the medical business objective”  - Snr MSL at AbbVie

“I never knew that there were so many activities to support medical education and data dissemination. A must-have for anyone working on their medical plan” - Medical Manager at AstraZeneca

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Select from over 50 in-field MSL Medical Activities to support your (in-field) medical plan

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    • Over 50+ medical activities that are used by top global pharma companies
    • A practical training on strategic planning of medical activities for best-in-class medical engagement and drug launches
    • Practical explanation on how to execute the medical activities
    • Each Medical Activity is structured around the following medical themes:
      • The product life cycle of the drug
      • Medical education for KOLs
      • Scientific exchange with KOLs
      • Insight gathering for internal stakeholders
      • Data generation/publication
      • Data dissemination
      • Drug access to patients
      • Logistics and resource allocation

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