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Advisory Boards 

Advisory Boards are an essential Medical Affair activity to ensure a successful drug launch and to enhance the quality use of medicine. There are a lot of moving parts and there is a lot at stake when you are in charge of running an Advisory Board. However, there is NO room for errors. Use our comprehensive CPD Accredited Board-Certified "Advisory Board" training to deliver a best-in-class Advisory Board. 

"I wish I had come across this Masterclass earlier in my career. I highly recommend it to any MSL who aspires to become senior MSL or Medical Advisor"  Medical Manager GSK, France

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Self-paced, all online

  • 9 comprehensive chapters covering:
  • Strategic adboard planning
  • Defining roles, responsibilities and accountability
  • Project management & milestone setting
  • Defining the scope, objectives and advisor selection
  • Step-by-step adboard planning guide
  • Adboard compliance 1.0.1
  • Designing the perfect agenda
  • Essential adboard questions
  • On the day executional excellence
  • Adboard follow-up plan and in-field stress testing by the MSL
  • Implementing adboard output into medical strategy
  • Adboard case study
  • Downloadable adboard agenda, compliance checklist, adboard planning timeline and on-the-day checklist

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