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Where should I start? - NEW

You have taken your first step to change your career for the better. To guide you through our many resources, we have made a 10 step for you to get started. So, start here before you start the MSL video training.

How to best work with recruiters

In this chapter, we will give you insight on how to best work with recruiters, understand their rational of working/not working with you and how to best approach them and not waste their time. In addition, we teach you other ways to find jobs. Clickhere to see more

How to optimally prepare and perform in your MSL interview

This chapter is a deep dive into the different MSL interview rounds you can expect. It is based on the FSTP team's years of pharma/MSL experiences mixed with practical with the information we have obtained from our candidates and packaged to be highly practical for your interviews. We will cover: the phone interview; the skype interview(s); the face-to-face interview; assessment center interview; MSL role play interview; 30-60-90 day MSL business plan discussion AND very important how to discuss salary in your MSL interview. In short, everything you need to know to get ready for your MSL interview. Clickhere to see more

FastFacts disease handbooks - GOLD/PLATINUM members only

This is an extra feature for our GOLD and PLATINUM members. We have partnered with to provide you with digital access to ACCURATE, RELEVANT & ACCESSIBLE clinical disease medical training handbooks, allowing you to become a real clinical disease expert and nailing your MSL interview! This resource is only for our GOLD/PLATINUM members. Yyou can easily upgrade if you'd like access to this great resource (expires April 2018). Clickhere to see more

Clinical paper presentation - GOLD/PLATINUM members only

For the MSL interview you will often be asked to do a clinical paper presentation and we have THE resource to help you with this. In this chapter, we will tell you how you can best prepare for this presentation ahead of time to beat the competition especially when the time lines are short. It contains the following: 1) the different formats and modalities of this interview round; 2) how to identify the paper ahead of time; 3) how to best structure your presentation; 4) how to role play it as an experienced MSL; 5) what questions you can expect and how to answer them as an MSL; 6) what questions an experienced MSL would ask the (doctors in the) audience and; 7) examples of 3 successful MSL clinical paper PowerPoint presentations What more do you want?! This resource is only for our GOLD/PLATINUM members. You can easily upgrade if you'd like access to this great resource. Clickhere to see more


In this chapter we will cover MSL excellence topics Clickhere to see more