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Where should I start? - NEW

Our 10 step guide to start consuming all our online training material and get ready for applying to MSL roles!

How to work with recruiters

In this chapter we will give you insight on how to best work with recruiters, understand their rational and how to best approach them. Also we will give you other options to obtain MSL interview and jobs using different channels. Clickhere to see more

Prepare for your MSL interview

This deep dive interview series will provide you with a comprehensive view of the recruitment process carried out by most major pharmaceutical companies. We will dig deeper into each round of interview. The phone interview, the skype interview(s), the face-to-face interview, the clinical paper presentation (how to structure your presentation), the business case presentation and the competency tests. In short, all you need to know and prepare for your interviews Clickhere to see more

Commonly asked interview questions - PDFs

These are good PDF resources around interview and behavioral questions. We have listed the most common interview questions and behavioral questions in an easy place. We will answer them (soon) in another chapter in MP3 format, so you can learn how WE would handle them. Make sure you make your own list of these interview and behavioral questions AND answers that you can go through quickly before each interview. Clickhere to see more

Medical Diseases Clinical Handbooks - FASTFACTS.COM

We have partnered with to provide you with digital access to ACCURATE, RELEVANT & ACCESSIBLE clinical disease medical training handbooks, allowing you to become a real clinical disease expert and nailing your MSL interview! Expires April 2018. When you click on it it opens up in a new window. Click on the little book on your left menubar (second from the bottom) to select which Fast Facts book you'd like to read. Clickhere to see more

The MSL internal stakeholders - how to work with them COMING SOON

As an MSL you have the ability to work with a lot of internal stakeholders. This chapter covers each internal stakeholder that the MSL can work with and what value they can offer you and how to best bring value to them. Clickhere to see more


MSL Q&A webinars for the candidates that have enrolled into our MSL training course will be run regularly, in which you can ask anything related the MSL role and online MSL training. Come prepared and have watched the online MSL training at least once! Click on the "sign up" button to reserve your spot and ask your questions via the online GoToWebinar system. Clickhere to see more